10ml E liquids – premixed liquids for electronic cigarettes

Here you will find all kind og tasty premixed eliquids. The eliquids can have a taste all from the classic cigaret, cigar or various fruit and candy. Find your favorite eliquid here.

Premixed eliquids for electronic cigarettes

Our premixed eliquids for electronic cigarettes has a large variaty of taste, so you will easily find your favorite.
Our eliquids includes several types of tobacco flavor, both classic, cigars and pipe, candy and drinks.

FlavourArt - The Italien world wide known leading manufacturer of eliquids

We are very proud to be Scandinavian distributor for Flavourart srl. from Italy.
Flavourart srl. is a world wide known company within the eliquid business and has there roots back to the 80s and known to make the very best flavors you can have, made from the very best ingredients.

Made in Denmark eliquids

At Locotin Aps we are proud to offer our own manufatured eliquids. Locotin is the foundation in all our own eliquids, since we manufacture and monitor the production of eliquids we can guarantee a composition of only the best European products with the demand for the highest purity possible, furthermore we have full traceability of the products.
Only Pharmaceutical Grade products are used in our liquids.

Raw materials are sourced in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Denmark.

Ingredients in our own liquids:
Propylene Glycol USP/EP7.0 Pharma Grade (E1520), Glycerol 99,7% VEG EP7.0 Pharma Grade (E422), Nicotine USP Pharma Grade (purity over 99,7%), Natural and/or artificial flavours - all comply with EFSA (European Food Safety Association)

All 10ml premixed eliquids are TPDII compliant and registered for sale in Denmark